Stop the Wall have decided to launch once again a call for a Global Week of Action.

After three years of break,Stop the Wall have decided to launch once again a call for a Global Week of Action.

They have given the week the title “Stop the Bantustans!” because what Israel is doing at the moment is literally locking down the gates for the West Bank ghettos.

The trigger for this decision has really been the impressive rise in home demolitions – 143 Palestinian structures have been demolished only in August. All over the West Bank some 89 communities are under immediate threat of being entirely destroyed. A year ago, Israel has announced the plan of action on how to ethnically cleanse area C from its Palestinian population to the United Nations – just after the massacre in Gaza. Since then, Israeli military and authorities are systematically implementing the plan while the international community ignores the human and political impact and gravity of the situation. Israel has started to build the ‘relocation townships’ for the Palestinian communities to be ethnically cleansed and is targeted key communities one by one to break their resistance. People are struggling on the ground but we need your support to create the necessary global awareness about Israel’s ethnic cleansing plan and its ongoing implementation.

The only good news is that national and international mobilization has been able to save the community of Susiya, in the south Hebron Hills, so far from being destroyed. Solidarity does work!

We hope that our joint efforts during this year’s Week against the Apartheid Wall can contribute to build further solidarity, global awareness and pressure on governments around the world to stop their complicity and connivence with Israel’s apartheid and its criminal policies!

Stop the Wall has created a webpage with information about the Relocation Plan and Palestinian resistance and with indications on how to participate. Please visit:


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